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The Motion Room is back August 9th!

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The Sweat Equity all access membership

Our single membership includes unlimited access to Myzone workout pods, cardiovascular equipment, mobility stations, and private workout space. In order to accommodate all comfort levels, members can now choose to workout individually or workout with their bubble. 

Reserve physically distanced workout pods (Myzone TV) with all the equipment you’ll need. Or, enjoy our signature Personal Co-Training in our private workout space.

Common Benefits from our programs:

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To keep you motivated to achieve your goals we reward your successes with Sweat Equity. In fact, every time you workout, book a class, reach a goal, or even share on social media, you’ll earn TMR dollars (20 TMR Dollar = 1 Dollar CAD) that you can use towards services at The Motion Room and The Coaching Company

All a bit Confusing?

We know that this is a lot of change from what we were doing before. We’d love to have you come by so we can show you around an answer any questions. Book a studio tour here.

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Health & safety news

Your health, safety, and comfort is our #1 priority

In order to accommodate all comfort levels, members can now choose to workout individually, with their bubble, or in a small group with or without a coach live and in person. Members can now reserve workout pods (guided by our Myzone TV’s) ensuring they’re always physically distanced. Our new workout pods are individual spaces with all the equipment you need to move safely. We have also created a private workout space for our signature Personal Co-Training system.

See for yourself and book a tour

We’re happy to make time to show you around make sure you feel safe when you’re here. Book a studio tour 

Physical changes to our space

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WHAT members can expect

Looking back to our pre-COVID successes as we look forward to a new start

We're listening to you to create the best new programs in a safe and welcoming environment

For returning members there’s going to be a bit of a change. For instance, in order to keep everyone safe, and accommodate all comfort levels, we have created individual workout spaces for members to use.

We are also planning a schedule expansion increasing availability and time options throughout the day. 

Members who still want to work out in a group can now choose to workout with their bubble, in a small group with or without a coach live and in person, or simply use Myzone TV paired with our app featuring a digital workout menu and nutritional guides.

Lockers have been moved to a more open space so members can feel comfortable accessing them while keeping a safe distance from others. As well hand sanitizer stations have been added making it easy to keep you and your pod clean of contamination.

Stay tuned as we are soon adding Live streaming and on-demand programs so members can also choose to work out from the comfort of their home or private workout space.

Results speak for themselves

Hear out what members are saying about TMR.

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A portrait of Dianna

"For the first few visits I was a bit nervous but the staff made me feel comfortable. In fact I thought I was getting special treatment because of my age, (over 39). I soon learned that the staff were equally attentive to everyone."

Dianna Moore
Shannon's portrait

“I felt like I was walking into a place where somebody was going to watch out for me. The only effort I had to put in was the physical effort; I didn’t have to think about what I was doing. I didn’t have to worry about doing something wrong. I didn’t have to worry about what I was doing next or if I was exhausting one muscle group, and if I was actually making a difference, because I trusted the program.”

Shannon Liddington
A portrait of Debbie

"The whole program is set up to build things gradually and to, I think, to accommodate you. It’s your fitness journey, its nobody else’s, its yours. They just kept reminding me that I had to follow the program and I would see the results and that’s what happened."

Debbie Martinussen

"The Motion Room has provided me a fun and challenging way to get healthy again and I know next years update will be even better. I had a Doctors appointment for a check up and due to my success at the motion room he was happy to say that my blood pressure has improved greatly smile emoticon before becoming a member I had to have tests done, and was close to being on medication."

James Mehisto

The Motion Room is such an important part of my life. It pushes me to get over those challenges and to live a better quality of life, especially in the long run. What better way to train than to be surrounded by the amazing TMR team. A team that from day one has played a very special role in reaching my goals, goals that are a long way from being complete, but I am much closer today than I was a year ago.

Jorge A.Castaneda
How it works

Simple Steps to Success

Movement is medicine

Making gradual changes to your diet and personal routine can have a lasting impact. We call it micro-movements for massive wins. By monitoring and rewarding your progress you can reinvest in your wellbeing through TMR services and The Coaching Company.

Feel ready?

Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to help you get moving on the right path.

All queries are replied within about a day.

Set Your Goal(s)
Membership, personal training, fun challenges, and more = money to reinvest in yourself. First-time members double their points. 20 TMR Dollar = $1 which you can spend at The Motion Room or The Coaching Company
Start Building Sweat Equity
We’re always adding more ways to win. Build your Sweat Equity by sharing your wins on social media, booking classes online, bringing a friend, or partnering with one of our many health and wellness coaches. You’ve got goals beyond fitness, we are here to help you reach them.
Cash In Your Reward
Use your Sweat Equity to reward yourself with personal training, massage, nutritional coaching, or wellbeing and professional development from The Coaching Company.
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