Shannon Liddington is our 2016 Member Spotlight Winner!

Shannon has been a member of The Motion Room since July 2015 and has completed over 50 hours “of intense Motion Room workouts” since then. 

Shannon has won 500 MOTION ROOM DOLLARS for herself or to share with a friend, + here is her story.

“The several years prior to joining The Motion Room were filled with incredible loss and sadness. The feelings I had after [these] experiences can only be described as ‘feeling like I woke up after the apocalypse and had  nothing above me or beside me’. It was an intense feeling and one that very well could have been debilitating. I was faced with a decision. I could wallow in the pain and sadness and allow others to carry me along or I could find the strength and carry myself.”

This year we heard some really thoughtful and meaningful stories from a variety of members, each one of you has shown a huge amount of success, progress and dedication! Thank-you all for sharing your awesome experiences with us. You have all had such great success on your journey to a fit and healthy life.

For those of you who are not members and want to start working towards your goals, get started with us at The Motion Room. For every Membership purchase in the month of February, we will make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

“The program works, it works well. I treat my time at The Motion Room like I do food, sleep and water, it’s a necessity.”  2016 Member Spotlight Winner, Shannon

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