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Services - The Motion Room


In your journey to wellness, working out is just one part of the equation

A great way to reinvest in yourself using our sweat equity rewards

We offer additional services for people who are looking for more than just a great workout.
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The Coaching Company

Interested in seeing change happen in other facets of your life? Improve your leadership, wellbeing, or personal development.

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1:1 Personal Training

Get the most out of your workout with competitive training packages. Make the most of your time, and be held accountable to stay the course.

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5 Elements Therapy

Moving and manipulating the body to relieve physical and emotional tension. Lower stress, boost energy, relieve headaches, and improve your range of motion.

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Gut Health Analysis

Our Gut is an incredible part of our body and makes up the largest part of our immune system and produces dozens of hormones that influence everything from our appetite, our instincts to our mood. Fixing your disruptive digestive issue can help you win the fight to get your life back.

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Foot Health Sessions

Our feet are the first point of contact with the ground. They act as the base and foundation for our bodies to support ourselves on and the only contact point between you and the earth are your feet. When they don't function properly, they can lead to injuries through-out the entire body.

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Movement Screen & Video Analysis

Assessing helps us create a Blueprint of you giving us insight into your strengths and weaknesses. It gives us the ability to provide better corrective modalities and more effective programming because it's based on your capabilities, not your goals.

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Our on-site Physiotherapist will work closely with our team doing assessments, reassessments, manual treatments, along with prescribing rehabilitative programs for clients. Clients will get to work with our team on their specific rehabilitation plan in order to get the most out of their treatment.

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Private Rejuvenation Sessions

Our rejuvenation sessions are offered as private sessions in-person or virtual that can be customized specifically for your individual needs. Whether you have previous injuries or just want to speed up the recovery process.

Interested in Offering Your Services?

If you’re looking to rent one of our workout or treatment spaces.

The COACHING Company

Get Perspective and Support

We take a holistic approach to your health that is more than just diet and exercise.
We consider the body, mind and soul.


Get the optimal diet, nutrition and exercises according to your body type.


Improve your mental readiness, focus, ability to relax, energy and emotional control, mental control of thoughts and images


Learn to self regulate and manage your stress responses through communication strategy.

5 Elements THERAPY

Gain a deep sense of harmony in your body, mind & spirit

We take you on an exploration trip through the exclusivity of the Thai massage world while reestablishing the natural flow of energy in the whole body through conscious touch and intention of the 5 elements.

Foot Health

Build a Great Foundation

When your feet don’t function properly, they can lead to injuries throughout the entire body. A weak foot will cause the knee to improperly track over the toes, cause hip and lower back pain and even travel up and cause upper back and neck pain!

Feet don’t get anywhere near the attention and credit they should. We rely on our feet for every step we take, yet we take for granted just how complicated these 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 26 muscles all work together to keep our body standing, walking, running, jumping, squatting, lunging and balancing our bodies.

Foot assessments are extremely few and far between for most people, yet should be the START of any movement screening process.

Private Rejuvenation Sessions

Physiotherapy and Recovery

Promote rejuvenation for faster recovery and improve every day performance. 

Whether you have previous injuries or just want to speed up the recovery process, a private physiotherapy or rejuvenation session will be customized to target exactly what will help you to feel better than ever. 

Our routines help strengthen your body and reduce stress within the muscles and joint tissues using myofascial compression techniques with your own body weight and pressure with specialized foam rollers. Target natural trigger points on the body to relax muscles, ease tension, and minimize your recovery time so you can get back to feeling good.

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